FW : 25.09.23, KHG0.8

– Added sound error messages.

Error indication:

Long beep + several short beeps, the number of SHORT beeps indicates the error number.

  1. Incorrect PIN – Request the correct PIN using the vehicle’s VIN from your dealer
  2. Wrong key – the key does not fit this car or used one. There are many refurbished Chinese keys on the market, such keys may not be suitable for the car.
  3. The ignition is not turned off – turn off the vehicle ignition.
  4. PIN CODE not found – search and decryption of ECU data is not supported or failed. Enter your PIN manually using the pin.exe utility.
  5. Digital signature error – the digital signature was not accepted by the ECU. Contact support for an update.
  6. Unknown error – different types of errors.
  7. The time for applying the key to the START button has expired – go through the key learning procedure again. Disconnect and reconnect the KKP to OBD again.

Please contact for update.

Korea Key Programmer